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Emergency Telephone Charge (ETC)


9-1-1 in Colorado is funded by ETC


Wireline (landline), wireless (cellular), and Static or Non-Static Voice over Intenet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service providers effective 01/01/2020 will be required to remit an Emergency Telephone Surcharge (ETC) of $1.30 per telephone number (TN) or "subscriber line" in the JCECA service area.


Example: If your household has 1 wireline or VoIP TN and 2 wireless TN's you will pay $1.30 X 3 = $3.90 per month for 9-1-1 service.


Sellers of prepaid services are to collect at the point of sale (POS) and remit those collections to the Colorado Department of Revenue for distribution to the various 9-1-1 authorities in the State of Colorado via a percentage based on 9-1-1 call volume.


Information for Telephone Service Providers (TSP's)


JCECA Service Area


JCECA ETC Remittance Procedure


Notice of ETC Increase effective 01-01-2020




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